Metropolitan Ministries

We’re proud to support projects that help our local communities. The Metropolitan Ministries care for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless in our community through services that alleviate suffering, promote dignity and instil self-sufficiency. Our CEO Dan Rodriguez is on the Board of Directors at the Ministry.

The work that Metropolitan Ministries does is essential to those in our neighborhood that need food and shelter. Wherever possible, our teams pitch in to support this local initiative to help our community prosper.

Zibron’s Story

Watch the story of Zibron and her journey from living on the streets to self-sufficiency, thanks to the help of Metropolitan Ministries. Zibron tells her story of how the education program at Metropolitan Ministries helped her earn a degree and a job on the accounting and finance team with us at Veredus, a Hays company in Tampa.


Elevator pitch